Transcamster Bog 2023 London Sheep Drive (50p, U/M)


50p Transcamster Bog fantasy stamp, issued in 2023 to mark the Laird’s visit to the London Sheep Drive, where he herded sheep across Southwark Bridge.

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50p Transcamster Bog fantasy stamp, issued on 28 October 2023 to mark the Laird’s visit to the London Sheep Drive.

The annual Sheep Drive is apparently organised by The Worshipful Company of Woolmen – one of the 111 livery companies of the City of London – and fundraises for the Woolmen’s Charity and the Lord Mayor’s Appeal. As a Freeman of the City of London, the Laird was able to register to herd sheep across Southwark Bridge into the City, which he duly did.

U/M / Unmounted Mint / MNH / Mint Never Hinged (no gum).

About Transcamster Bog

The entertaining and attractive labels bearing the name "Transcamster Bog", first produced in 2016, are the work of the Bog’s “Laird”, Canada-based science-fiction writer Derwin Mak.

The actual Bog, however, is situated in Scotland. As Mak explains on his eBay listings, “Transcamster Bog is a small, landlocked property of two non-continguous plots of peat bog in Caithness, Scotland. The name "Transcamster" comes from the necessity of having to cross Camster to go from one plot to the other. There’s a tradition of British island owners issuing local stamps for their islands, so why not be the first to issue stamps for landlocked property?”

All Transcamster Bog stamps are imperforate and ungummed, though the quality of print is good.

The Transcamster Bog website at includes details of the latest and previous issues.


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