Stamp-related links

  • StampWorld
    Free-to-access online stamp catalogue, plus buying and selling of stamps, and directories of clubs, dealers, auctions and more. You can view our profile here.
  • Stamporama
    Online stamp club, with auctions, articles, discussion boards and more, accessible for a modest annual fee.

Cinderella-related links

  • Cinderella Stamp Club (new web address)
    An association of philatelists whose interests lie in local stamps, telegraph stamps, railway stamps, revenues, fiscals and other ‘Cinderella’ stamps. We are very pleased to be Club members.
  • Philatelic Compendium
    Useful website featuring a comprehensive catalogue of modern railway letter stamps and labels, as well as other air and rail-related Cinderella issues.
  • Islay Stamps
    Website showcasing the modern fantasy issues from the Isle of Islay in Scotland.
  • Lundy Collectors Club
    UK-based club that “invites membership from all interested in collecting Lundy stamps, literature, postal history, postcards and ephemera”.

Postcard-related links

  • Valentine Postcard Dating
    Useful tool on Historic Coventry website – enter a Valentine’s postcard negative number and it tells you the year that the photo dates from.

If you would like us to feature a link to your stamp or postcard-related site on this page, just let us know.