The new Mackenzie Island stamp issue

Scotland’s Mackenzie Island issues its first Cinderella stamps

Mackenzie Island is a small (43-acre) island off the tip of the Rinns of Islay, whose owner has commissioned its first set of stamps in 2022.

Old farmstead on Colonsay - on an island stamp, and in our own photograph

A week on Colonsay: exploring the places featured on the island’s stamps

This spring, we were fortunate enough to spend a week on the beautiful island of Colonsay in Scotland – and to visit some of the places shown on its stamps.

Rockall's 2005 Cinderella stamp

Rockall’s 2005 Cinderella: the curious stamp for an uninhabitable islet 300 miles out to sea

When we came across a stamp bearing the name of Rockall – an uninhabitable granite islet in the North Atlantic – we were intrigued about its origins.

2001 Caldey issue depicting the island's lighthouse

The local stamps of Caldey Island [updated]

Of all the local stamps produced by British offshore islands, Caldey’s are among the most interesting. We run through all the issues here, from 1973 to now.

Bardsey from Mynydd Mawr. Photograph by Graham Soult

The stamps of Bardsey Island

While on holiday in North Wales, it was lovely to head to get a great view of one of the most well-known local-stamp-issuing British islands – Bardsey.

View of Goat Island,. Stornoway with Goat Island label superimposed. Photograph by Dave Conner

What’s the story behind this Goat Island Cinderella label?

This Goat Island Cinderella label is a philatelic curiosity, for which no information comes up in Google. So what is it, and where does it come from?