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Nagaland 1974 Locomotives Sheetlet (2ch, CTO)


Imperforate 1974 sheetlet (2ch) produced under the ‘Nagaland’ name, depicting two locomotives: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (1934), and Great Southern (Eire).

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Imperforate sheetlet (2ch) produced under the ‘Nagaland’ name in 1974, depicting two locomotives: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (1934), and Great Southern Railways (Eire).

Cancelled-to-order (CTO) condition (see our glossary page for an explanation of what CTO means).

About Nagaland

Stamps ‘issued’ by Nagaland are considered Cinderellas, as while Nagaland is a real place (a state in India), stamps inscribed with that name were produced for sale to collectors by the colourful English stamp dealer Clive Feigenbaum, rather than for postal use.

As well as Nagaland, Feigenbaum created fantasy issues for places including Eynhallow and Dhufar, as well as for the Scottish island of Staffa (with the permission of the island’s owner). Still, while not ‘proper’ postage stamps, Nagaland issues are a collectable curiosity in their own right.


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