Isle of Jethou 1960 Jethou Scenes (including Fauconniere and Crevichon) (5v, 1½d to 18d, Used)


The first Jethou local stamps, in used condition, featuring various island scenes and symbols, including the smaller islands of Fauconniere and Crevichon.

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This is the first ever set of local stamps from the Isle of Jethou, featuring various island scenes and symbols.

The hard-to-find complete set includes five values – 1½d, showing the Jethou coat of arms; 4d, featuring a map of the island; 6d and 9d, depicting (and inscribed as) the smaller uninhabited islands of Fauconniere and Crevichon respectively; and 18d, showing a scene on Jethou itself that appears to feature a standing stone.

Used condition.

About Jethou

Part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, Jethou is a small island, roughly half a mile long, that sits immediately south of Herm. It is owned by the Crown, but leased by a tenant.

Between 1960 and 1969, a period when the island was open to the public, Jethou issued its own local stamps. These were seemingly produced mainly to generate interest and publicity, though postally used examples, affixed to the back of mail from the island, do exist.

Islands within the Bailiwick were no longer allowed to produce their own local stamps once Guernsey gained postal independence in 1969, meaning that Jethou's issues - like those from Herm - ceased.

Further background about Jethou stamps can be found on this website.


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