Graham Land 2022 Celebrating the Slate Islands (5v, 26g to 80g, U/M)


This Graham Land issue celebrates Scotland’s Slate Islands – Seil, Easdale, Luing, Shuna and Belnahua – featuring photographs taken during a 2021 visit.

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We regularly produce our own “Graham Land” Cinderella labels which we affix to the back of mail that we send out to customers, and cancel with a special “Graham Land – Fantasy Post” handstamp.

As usual, many of these labels will end up used on customer orders, but customers who wish to purchase unmounted mint sets can do so for just £2 each – a low price designed to cover the design and printing costs.

If you would like to purchase a full sheet of stamps (three rows of five, comprising three identical strips) rather than a single strip, please add three sets to your basket.

About the issue

This new 2022 Graham Land issue celebrates Scotland’s Slate Islands, featuring original photographs taken during a 2021 visit to the area.

The Slate Islands are a loosely defined group of islands in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, so called because of the extensive slate quarrying that took place there for many centuries, concluding in the 20th century. Hence, they are sometimes referred to as “the islands that roofed the world”. The island group is usually described as including the five islands depicted in this issue – Seil, Easdale, Luing, Shuna and Belnahua – as well as Torsa, Lunga, and various smaller islands and islets.

Issued on 10 September 2022, the set consists of five stamps in a se-tenant strip, denominated in our usual fictional currency of “grahams” (g). Each value focuses on a different one of the Slate Islands, showing both their beauty as places to visit and the impact of slate on the islands’ heritage and landscape.

  • 26g: Former slateworkers’ cottages, Easdale
  • 36g: Belnahua from Luing
  • 52g: Flooded quarry, Ellenabeich, Seil
  • 60g: Former slate quarry, Cullipool, Luing
  • 80g: Shuna from Luing.

Two of the Slate Islands depicted – Shuna (1949 to 1950) and Easdale (1988 to 2008) – also have their own history of local stamps bearing their name. Indeed, the denominations used for our issue are a nod to the five lowest value stamps featured in Easdale’s first ever issue in 1988.

The initial print run of this issue is 30 sheets, with each sheet comprising three complete sets. The total number of sets produced to date is therefore 90, some of which have been used on first day covers.


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