Lundy 1982 Definitives Set (Genuine Version) (11v, 10p to 23p, U/M)


Complete and genuine set of Lundy definitives issued in 1982, featuring 11 stamps: 10p, 14p, 15p, 16p, 17p, 18p, 19p, 20p, 21p, 22p and 23p.

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The complete and genuine set of Lundy definitives issued in 1982, featuring 11 stamps in 10p, 14p, 15p, 16p, 17p, 18p, 19p, 20p, 21p, 22p and 23p denominations.

Listed in Jon Aitchison’s Lundy catalogue as numbers 257-267 (the online catalogue gives the year of issue as 1979, but the print catalogue and Lundy Post Office list the year as 1982, which is correct).

U/M / Unmounted Mint / MNH / Mint Never Hinged.

If you’re looking for the 10p orange stamp but with a ‘3’ overprint (produced in 1989), you can find that here.

About forgeries of this issue

Lundy’s 1982 definitives have, unfortunately, been extensively forged. Misperforated and imperforate forged versions are very easy to spot – no such genuine variants exist – and, of course, forgeries of Lundy stamps are in effect Cinderellas of Cinderellas! Hence, the forged varieties qualify for inclusion in our shop, though their value is nowhere near as high as you see eBay sellers trying to charge.

Forgeries of the normal issued stamps are harder to spot, and we encourage you to refer to Aitchison’s catalogue where he highlights the key features that distinguish the forgeries from the real stamps. Noticeably, look out for how the forged versions often have:

  • Ragged perforation holes, often with some blind perforations.
  • Lines of perforation holes that are not quite straight, with some holes out of line.
  • Shinier gum when held up to the light. We can confirm that if you hold up a genuine and a forged stamp side by side, the former appears to have a smoother, matt gum, whereas the gum of the forgeries has an almost glittery quality.

Additionally, we have noticed that while the genuine Lundy stamps are usually quite neatly centred within the perforations, the forged versions are often slightly (or sometimes quite significantly) misaligned, resulting in a wide white border opposite a narrow one.

We have been through and checked all our stock, and are confident that what we are selling here is the genuine issue. We often end up unwittingly acquiring forged versions as part of auction job lots, and can confirm that we are destroying those items to prevent them once again reaching unsuspecting collectors.

About Lundy

Lundy is an island in the Bristol Channel, whose stamps are among the longest-established and most sought-after local issues.

Unlike many labels that bear the name of British offshore islands - such as Eynhallow or Staffa - Lundy's stamps have always performed a genuine local postal function. When the British General Post Office withdrew its services from the island in 1928, the then-owner Martin Coles Harman introduced the first Lundy stamps in 1929 to cover the cost of carrying mail to the mainland.

To avoid confusion, Lundy stamps initially had to be fixed to the reverse of any postal items. From 1962, Lundy stamps were allowed were allowed to be affixed to the address side of postcards - but still well away from the 'official' British stamp - with this policy extended to all mail in 1992. These days, mail from the island only requires a Lundy stamp, which now incorporates the Royal Mail charge alongside the extra "puffinage".

Since 1969, Lundy has been owned by the National Trust, and financed, administered and maintained by the Landmark Trust, who continue to issue Lundy stamps. As of 2023, over 400 Lundy stamps have now been produced over the past nine decades, and 40,000 items of mail are sent annually. You can read more about the Lundy postal service on the Landmark Trust website.


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