Graham Land 2024 Fantasy Railway Letter Post (5v, 17g to 34g, U/M)


2024 Graham Land “Fantasy Railway Letter Post” issue, featuring a se-tenant strip of five stamps depicting steam trains in various dramatic landscapes.

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We regularly produce our own “Graham Land” Cinderella labels which we affix to the back of mail that we send out to customers, and cancel with a special “Graham Land – Fantasy Post” handstamp.

Our set of Graham Land Cinderellas for 2024 is our first “Fantasy Railway Letter Post” issue, designed to celebrate and draw attention to the many (genuine) railway letter post stamps that we stock in our shop.

As usual, many of these labels will end up used on customer orders, but customers who wish to purchase unmounted mint sets can do so for just £2 each – a low price designed to cover the design and printing costs.

If you would like to purchase a full sheet of stamps (three rows of five, comprising three identical strips) rather than a single strip, please add three sets to your basket.

About the issue

Issued on 15 June 2024, the set consists of five stamps in a se-tenant strip, denominated in our usual fictional currency of “grahams” (g). All the artworks, depicting steam trains in various dramatic landscapes, have been generated using AI in the style of traditional railway posters.

  • 17g: Passing a coastal hamlet
  • 22g: At a seaside station by a castle
  • 29g: In a forest landscape near a loch
  • 31g: Emerging from a tunnel near a lighthouse
  • 34g: In a Scottish highland landscape.

The initial print run is 40 sheets, with each sheet comprising three complete sets (therefore 120 sets).

The denominations we have used are a nod to one of the most iconic and beautiful railway-related Royal Mail issues, the 1985 “Famous Trains” set designed by Terence Cuneo.


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