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Lundy & Herm Island 50 Different Stamps (Mounted Mint)


Our surplus auction stock, made up into packets of 50 different mounted mint Lundy and Herm stamps (25 of each), at a great-value price.

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Whenever we acquire new Lundy and Herm stock at auction, it’s normally only the perfect, unmounted mint (mint never hinged) items that make it into the shop – unless we happen to come across something particularly rare that’s hinged!

That means we always have a box full of mounted mint (mint hinged) Lundy and Herm issues that we cannot sell individually. So, we’ve now gathered those together in packets of 50 – comprising 25 different mounted mint Lundy stamps, and 25 Herm – and are selling them here at a great-value price.

The image gives an indication of what a typical packet looks like, but each lot will be slightly different. As you would expect, there are more older issues – collectors were more likely to hinge their mint stamps years ago – but with a sprinkling of more modern ones too.

We have removed any damaged stamps that we spotted, and have added a couple of spares into each packet in case we missed one or two dodgy ones – in short, all the stamps you will get are hinged, but otherwise in excellent condition. We hope our customers will enjoy what they find!

About Lundy

Lundy is an island in the Bristol Channel, whose stamps are among the longest-established and most sought-after local issues.

Unlike many labels that bear the name of British offshore islands - such as Eynhallow or Staffa - Lundy's stamps have always performed a genuine local postal function. When the British General Post Office withdrew its services from the island in 1928, the then-owner Martin Coles Harman introduced the first Lundy stamps in 1929 to cover the cost of carrying mail to the mainland.

To avoid confusion, Lundy stamps initially had to be fixed to the reverse of any postal items. From 1962, Lundy stamps were allowed were allowed to be affixed to the address side of postcards - but still well away from the 'official' British stamp - with this policy extended to all mail in 1992. These days, mail from the island only requires a Lundy stamp, which now incorporates the Royal Mail charge alongside the extra "puffinage".

Since 1969, Lundy has been owned by the National Trust, and financed, administered and maintained by the Landmark Trust, who continue to issue Lundy stamps. As of 2023, over 400 Lundy stamps have now been produced over the past nine decades, and 40,000 items of mail are sent annually. You can read more about the Lundy postal service on the Landmark Trust website.

About Herm

Herm Island, which is one of the smaller Channel Islands, and within the Bailiwick of Guernsey, produced its own stamps between 1949 and 1969.

Unlike many of the labels that appear to come from islands off the coast of the UK, those of Herm performed a genuine local postal function. Mail posted on the island, which did not have an official British post office, carried a Herm Island stamp for transport to the Guernsey mainland, and a UK stamp for the journey beyond. One publicity document, issued by Herm's tenant in 1962. reports that 150,000 pieces of mail were handled the previous year.

However, when Guernsey took over its own postal service in 1969, Herm was no longer allowed to issue and use its own stamps.


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