Brecqhou (Brechou) 1969 1d Definitive (U/M)


Single 1d value from the Brecqhou 1969 definitive issue, depicting what appears to be seagull.

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Single 1d value from the Brecqhou 1969 definitive issue, depicting what appears to be seagull.

The full set also comprises 2d, 3d, 6d, 1s and 2s values, which are not included here.

Note that this issue was printed on ready-gummed paper by Spreckley & Evans Ltd in Nottingham. This paper features a matt gum that is not obviously visible.

U/M / Unmounted Mint / MNH / Mint Never Hinged.

About Brecqhou

Brecqhou is a 30-hectare islet, just west of Sark, that politically forms a part of both Sark and the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

The island's then owner, Leonard Matchan, released Brecqhou's first - and, for a long time, only - stamp issue on 30 September 1969. Featuring six different values, and three different designs, the stamps were supposedly intended as local carriage labels to cover the cost of transporting mail to the nearest official post office. For reasons that are unclear, the stamps bore the older spelling of the island's name, "Brechou", though the more usual "Brecqhou" was used on the cover.

First-day covers were produced, but the stamps were then banned from use the following day as Guernsey assumed its postal independence on 1 October.

In 1993, the tenancy of the island was acquired by the the billionaire Barclay brothers, David and Frederick Barclay, and a new Brecqhou stamp - the first in thirty years - was issued to mark Christmas 1999, with further issues regularly produced until 2013.

These more modern Brecqhou issues, totalling nearly 40 stamps all together, appear to still be available for purchase from Brecqhou Developments Ltd, based on Guernsey. Details are available on the official Brecqhou Stamps website.


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